The Best Walking Trails in Denver

In theory, walking is an activity which requires a very low barrier to entry and can be done virtually anywhere. As any walking enthusiast can tell you, location and route are central to the overall quality of the experience. In order to fully enjoy a walk, it’s got to have the right environment and atmosphere. If you live in the Mile High City and are looking for the best walking trails in Denver we’ve compiled a list for you.

Sloans Lake Park Loop

Sloans Lake Walking Trail Denver

  • Length: 2.6 Mile
  • Type: Loop
  • Incline: 22ft

The main noteworthy feature of this park is the sheer size and central location of the lake. Nestled in the middle of an urban area, this trail provides all of the scenic comforts of nature without having to leave the city. Enjoy a relaxing stroll in the fantastic and temperate Colorado weather.

The park is a popular spot for picnics and group activities such as Frisbee which makes for a lively environment which is guaranteed to energize and refresh visitors.

While almost any running trail can be walked, not all walking trails are suitable for running. Sloan’s Lake poses no problem to those wanting to jog or bike thanks to its well maintained and paved walkway. Even those walking will appreciate the activity on the water whether it’s people or animals, and the natural setting is like no other park in Denver.

Wash Park Trail

Wash Park Walking Trail Denver

  • Length: 2.7 miles
  • Type: Loop
  • Incline: 52ft

Wash Park, short for Washington Park, is located in the middle of a historical suburb. Lovers of old fashioned architecture have the chance to check out the construction of the surrounding homes as they take their walk. This park is actually home to two small lakes, Smith Lake, and Grasmere Lake, located near the top and bottom of the park, respectively.

Show up at the right time and one might even get a glimpse of local vendors setting up for events in the open grassy area in the middle of the park.

City Park Trail

City Park Walking Trail Denver

  • Length: Depends on Route
  • Type: Loop
  • Incline: Varies

On the park grounds sit both the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science. What better way to wind down a day at the zoo or museum than with a leisurely sunset stroll?

Just a bit north of Wash Park, right in the heart of downtown Denver, lies City Park. It’s easy to come to City Park fully intent on walking, only to get distracted by the wide variety of park activities. Due to the layout of the park, there is no singular clear “walking” route as there many forks in the roads and smaller sub loops. City Park’s trail is best experienced with an open mind as one explores looking for new things to find and see.

Cherry Creek Pipeline Path

Cherry Creek Trail Denver

  • Length: 1.5 Miles
  • Type: Line
  • Incline: 19ft

Denver’s Cherry Creek state park has a number of paths available for walking, one of which registers in at a whopping 42 miles in length. Cherry Creek’s pipeline path however is a much more manageable 1.5 miles. Don’t let the length fool you easily though- as the terrain is a bit more rugged than one will find in a city park. Thankfully the incline doesn’t make this path a chore, but the the narrowness of the path, local wildlife, and foliage discourages jogging.

A treasure of Denver and a favorite of locals, experience the landscape of Colorado as it was back in the days of the settlers. Let the breathtaking view of the surrounding nature please your eyes and soothe your soul.

South Platte River Trail

South Platte Trail Denver

  • Length: 11.6 miles
  • Type: Line
  • Incline: 236ft

Running straight through Denver, a walk along the Platte River also takes one on a tour through many of the sights and districts of the Mile High City itself.

This last pick should suit those looking for a little bit more challenge. While not insurmountable, the length and elevation incline is certainly more significant compared to previous entries. Bring the appropriate footwear and clothing for this one to make sure you’re prepared. This route is wide and worn enough that running it poses very few problems other than the distance and incline.