Best Apartment Amenities for Denver Renters

Apartment living is the preferred housing choice for millions of Americans across the country. There are a number of advantages to living in an apartment, from proximity to the city center, to lower maintenance and upkeep.  The amenities offered by an apartment are another key benefit in choosing where you live. Many people tend to overlook the amount of work which is required to keep the average home in good condition. Just because one is able to afford a home does not mean that they are able to afford the extra monthly expenses of hiring dedicated staff to take care of it. Because of this, busy people who live active lifestyles will appreciate not only the lower upkeep of an apartment, but the timesaving benefits and services which come from living in a serviced apartment.

An Apartment That Is A Part Of Your Lifestyle

Apartment Gym Amenity

Working out is a part of life for most people, but it can be costly. While gyms can be found all over the place in every major city, not often do you hear of apartments offering personal trainers as part of their move-in package. In very active cities like Denver, Colorado staying fit no matter what the season is very important.

What separates X@Sloans from other apartments is the ability to have a personal trainer as an included amenity.

Those looking to lease a new apartment have the option of six months of at-home personal training available to them all as a part of their rent. This innovative approach to renting incentives tenants to stay healthy, while getting an excellent deal at the same time. Many residents who’ve partaken in our free offer of personal training say it was the catalyst for them to take their exercise more seriously!

More Than Just Pet Friendly

Best Apartment Amenities

When many think of apartments, they also likely assume that renting comes with a great deal of restrictions. One such common restriction is no pets allowed- putting both existing and would-be pet owners in a bind. For many, pets also end up becoming a long term goal, something requiring a traditional residential home before they can imagine acquiring their furry little friend.

The apartments at X@Sloans are different however, as we actively support and encourage pet ownership, which is why our rent includes six months of dog-walking.

Have a skilled and qualified professional take care of your pet and ensure it’s getting the exercise it needs in order to continue living a happy and healthy life with you in your apartment.

The Easiest Way to Keep a Clean Apartment

Maid Service Apartment Amenity

No matter how clean someone is, it is only natural for things to become messy and dirty over time.

In order to keep a clean and tidy living space, a great deal of time must be invested into its upkeep. While it is much easier for a single person to keep an apartment clean, versus something like a residential home, it takes time regardless of the size.

X@Sloans however is dedicated to cutting down on the time required by helping tenants fight this war against having a dirty apartment. New leases have the option of coming with an entire year of apartment cleaning services, with trained staff taking care of the apartment multiple times per month.

Urban Phenix is leading the industry in offering unique move-in amenities through their properties like X@Sloans. To learn more about how they managed to afford the best apartment amenities without disrupting their budgets, check out their partner Amenify who helps organize these efforts.

Moving to Colorado Advice

Colorado might be known for its snow-capped mountains, but the housing market right now is red hot. People from across the country and around the world are flocking to the Centennial State for its natural beauty, healthy job market, and inviting atmosphere. Colorado is an easy place to love, but if you’re planning on moving here, it helps to get the inside scoop before you arrive.

Get Ready to Start Working

  • Colorado unemployment rate: 3.2%
  • National unemployment rate: 4.9%

Finding a job can be a struggle in many parts of the country, but the residents of Colorado currently enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States. The state has been growing a lot recently, and so has its labor market. Cities like Denver are attracting the most talent, but cities all across Colorado need qualified workers. If you arrive in the state ready to go to work, then it shouldn’t be long until you find what you’re looking for. This is one of the major reasons why everyone is moving to Colorado.

Stretch Tour Legs Out

Moving to Colorado

The residents of Colorado are an active people. One look at the state’s natural beauty is all the explanation necessary. From city parks to mountain peaks, an entire lifetime isn’t long enough to experience all of the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Add in beautiful weather and you can see why Colorado ranks as one of the most active states in the country and Denver ranks as one of the most active cities.

Prepare for Dry Weather

Dry Weather Colorado

  • Colorado average yearly rainfall: 15.9 Inches
  • United States average yearly rainfall: 37.1 Inches

When all you see of Colorado are pictures of its greenery it’s easy to assume that it rains all the time. But in reality, Colorado is one of the driest states in the country. It ranks 44th in terms of yearly rainfall with almost two feet less rain per year than the national average. So put your umbrellas away and get ready to make sure your plants are properly watered when summer comes around.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Advice for Moving to Colorado

Anyone moving to Colorado, specifically to Denver needs to remember that it’s called the Mile High City for a reason. You might have heard the name before, but only people who have lived at that sort of elevation truly understand what it means. The altitude and thin air both take some getting used to, so everyone who visits Denver should pace themselves. If you start moving or drinking alcohol too quickly, you can end up out of commission. Drinking plenty of water, relaxing, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine will help you to acclimate properly. It can be hard holding back when you first arrive in a city like Denver, but you’ll be thankful you did in the long run.

Start Learning About Beer

Beer in Colorado

  • Total number of craft breweries in Colorado: 154
  • Population per brewery: 32,657

New arrivals should lay off the alcohol, but after your body has adjusted it’s time to check out the local brewing scene. You might already enjoy cracking open a cold one after a hard day of work, but beer-lovers in Colorado are on a whole different level. Colorado has the third highest number of craft breweries in the nation. In Colorado beer isn’t just something that comes in a can, it’s something crafted by artisans. But don’t worry if you don’t know anything about beer, the best way to learn is by getting out there and enjoying it. With over a hundred and fifty breweries across the state, it isn’t hard to find someone willing to offer you a cold drink and an explanation why it’s the best in the state. Of course, you’ll have to visit a few different locations before you can decide for yourself which brew truly stands above the rest.

Check out the Local Sports Teams

Colorado Sports Team

Colorado is home to some great sports teams with even better fans. Even if you aren’t a big sports fan, you’ll find that attending one of the local games is a great way to plug in with your new community. In Denver, there’s something for everyone thanks to the fact that they have teams in every major American sports league. There’s the Denver Broncos for football, Colorado Denver Nuggets for basketball, Colorado Rockies for baseball, Colorado Avalanche for hockey, and the Colorado Rapids for soccer. Beyond the major teams, you can find countless smaller professional, semi-pro, and student teams across Colorado. If you like athletic action, you’ll never have to look for to find it in Colorado.

Start Looking for a House or Apartment Now

ouse Hunting in Colorado

  • Median home value: $344,500
  • One-year appreciation: 7.3%
  • Five-year appreciation: 61.9%

In many of America’s cities home ownership can feel like unattainable, but in Colorado, the American dream is still alive and well. Home prices are very reasonable. But don’t let this fact lull you into a false sense of security. As more and more people learn about everything, Colorado has to offer home prices are going to start rising at steeper rates. Colorado’s prices are already rising at a faster rate than the national average, going up 7.3% in 2017 compared to the national rate of 6.5%. When it comes to investing in Colorado real estate the best time to buy was yesterday but the second best time is today.

This doesn’t only apply to buying a home, Denver and many of the other hot markets in Colorado are very competitive when it comes to renting. It’s advised to start the apartment search as soon as possible if you want to ensure you want a great place to live! If you want to live in an apartment with fantastic view of the city and mountains, right next to one of the best parks/lakes in Denver, check out our apartments at X@Sloans.

Moving to Colorado Checklist

When you’ve lived in one location for long enough, it becomes easy to settle in and take it for granted. Often times this means that moving to a new location comes with a sort of “culture shock” as one must re-acclimate to the new climate, people, and local features. If you’re looking to move to Colorado, or even just visit, then there are a couple of things you should keep in mind that make the great centennial state stand out. Here’s a moving to Colorado checklist of things to consider.

Moving to Colorado Checklist

Take Outdoor Furnishing Into Consideration

Imagine you are new in town and the sun is setting on your first day in Colorado. You’re greeted with an unexpected visit from a couple of your neighbors; a friendly bunch looking to welcome you to their block. You invite them in and chat for a bit before one of them mentions that they brought over some locally brewed craft beers and suggests you all go and enjoy them on your awesome new patio with a view of the mountains. There’s just one problem with this scene- is there anything outside to entertain your guests on?

Free from air and noise pollution, the outside of your home will become just as much a part of your home as the inside. It’s only natural to maintain a consistent  level of comfort outside as well as inside.

Those from more dense urban areas might not have considered the importance of outdoor furnishings such as lawn chairs or patio tables. Double check how much outdoor space you have, then look for a diverse set of furnishing which both you and any potential guests will find comfortable. Whether it’s a small balcony or a backyard, living in Colorado means spending time outside so you should be prepared for that!

Colorado Checklist for New Residents

Start Exercising More

Whenever people think of reasons to exercise, most of the time it comes down to physical appearance. Instead of worrying about getting a “beach body” for Colorado, focus on building stamina. The temperate weather and natural beauty of Colorado invites you to participate in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and swimming. While there are plenty of activities for people of all skill levels, the more endurance you have the wider your options will be. Cardio in specific will help the most in addition to being great for your body’s overall health.

On top of allowing you to experience the great outdoors of Colorado, cardio based exercise can lower blood pressure, lift your mood, and increase the amount of natural energy you have throughout the day.

There’s also no better way to make friends then getting involved in a local sport at a nearby park. Whether you stumble across a pickup game of basketball or an organized tennis league, parks are a popular social meeting spot in Colorado. Practicing early and getting an edge on the competition will no doubt ease one’s integration.

Things to Do Moving to Colorado

Create A List Of Goals

There’s plenty to see and do all over Colorado, but it can be easy to overlook such activities in the middle of a move. Construct a list of activities you want to do and places you’d like to visit when you arrive in order to provide a bit of structure to your arrival. Relate these things back to your own personal interests as well as the area you will be headed to. If you like craft spirits, add that distillery you’ve always wanted to go and tour to your list. Moving to Denver? Add an old-fashioned All-American baseball game at the Mile High Stadium to that list. Want to summit a 14,000 ft peak? Add one of the many 14er hiking trails to your list. Colorado has so many things to do many new residents find it overwhelming trying to keep up with a very active lifestyle and community, so lists are always great to make sure you get everything you want to do.

In fact, don’t feel afraid to include personal goals as a part of your list. Sometimes a big move is just the change-up one needs in their life for them to recharge themselves and make progress when it comes to self-improvement. Maybe you want to be more social- add a goal to invite guests over more often. Perhaps you’ve never been the active type? Use the splendor of your new environment as incentive to get up and move more.

Colorado can act as a great catalyst for those looking for fulfillment. The beautiful sights, great weather, and welcoming people can make a great impact on your life, leaving you happier and more productive.