Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Denver

There’s no denying that Denver is a great place to live if you’re a dog lover. Thanks to the city’s government dogs are allowed onto the patios of bars and restaurants throughout the town. Of course, every establishment sets their own rules, so if you’re planning on heading out for a cup of coffee with your furry friend, then it’s worth planning ahead so you know that they’ll be welcome. With that in mind, here are some of the best dog friendly coffee shops in Denver that you and your pooch can enjoy together.

Highlands Cork and Coffee

1. Highlands Cork And Coffee

Our first entry is a place to keep in mind whether you’re heading out with the rising sun or going out on the town after 5 o’clock. That’s because the Highlands Cork And Coffee is both a coffee house and a bar. It’s a Berkeley favorite for its laid-back atmosphere and spacious patio. The patio is open to dogs. If you ever feel your dog needs more culture in their life, you should by for the live music performances that take place in the evening. And since it’s located just down the road from Sloan’s Lake, it’s the perfect place to head after taking your dog for a walk through the park.

Huckleberry Roasters Dog Friendly

2. Huckleberry Roasters

Dogs are always welcome on the Huckleberry Roasters patio. Both the indoor and outdoor areas are spacious, so you never feel cramped even when it’s busy. This will help your dog from getting too anxious when you bring them by. The people at Huckleberry Roasters are proud of the fact that they aren’t just a coffee shop, they’re also a roastery. That means that they roast and process coffee beans on site, so you get the freshest and most flavorful coffee possible. And the coffee at Huckleberry Roasters is just the start of their menu; their pastries are also fantastic. Just make sure you bring a doggy treat, so your pet doesn’t get jealous while you enjoy your freshly baked treat.

Stellas Coffe Haus Denver

3. Stella’s Coffeehaus

Stella’s has long been a local favorite thanks to the homey atmosphere. After all, it is set up in a building that used to be residential space. The architecture and the friendly staff combine beautifully to make visitors feel at home. It also helps that the drinks are delicious and the pastries are tasty. And your dog doesn’t have to feel left out! If you bring your dog by for some porch time, they’ll even hook your pup up with a complimentary treat. That’s the exact sort of hospitality that keeps people coming back to Stella’s.

St Marks Dog Friendly Coffee Shop

5. Dandy Lion Coffee

Inside Zeppelin Station, you’ll find this Vietnamese inspired coffee shop, and attached to it you’ll find a great patio where you can sip coffee alongside your dog. If you’ve got an adventurous palate, this location is a must visit, because they infuse their coffee with Vietnamese flavors to create an experience your taste buds won’t forget. It can sound a little strange if you’ve never had it, but once you try it there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love. Garage doors open up between the inside and the outdoor patio, so even if you have to leave your dog for a moment to get your coffee, they can still watch you as you make your order.

Chihuahua Coffee Shop

6. Dazbog Coffee

Dazog is a company that tries hard to create a welcoming atmosphere, and they’re more than happy to welcome well-behaving dogs. The company was founded by two immigrants from the Soviet Union who worked hard to create a coffee shop that combines old world charm with new world hospitality. They might be a chain now, but they still maintain a very independent feeling that cultured pups will appreciate.

Dazbog Coffee Denver