Denver Trendy Neighborhoods

There are a number of fantastic neighborhoods in the city of Denver, so it’s often hard to choose where to live and spend your time. Different areas cater to different interests and no matter what you are into there’s something for everyone in Denver. If trendy is what you are looking for we’ve put together a list of the Denver Trendy Neighborhoods to live.

Sloans Lake Neighborhood

Trendy Sloans Lake Denver

A newcomer amongst the trendiest neighborhoods in Denver, Sloans Lake is transforming into the place to live in the Mile High City.


The primary reason that many people make their way to Colorado is for the incredible nature that it offers. For this reason nature is and always will be trendy in Denver, which is what draws so many people to the Sloans Lake area. It’s one of the only lakes in the city where you can operate motorized boats, and there’s a huge scene for intramural sports and park parties beside the lake. For those who like a balance of fun, peace, and nature there’s no better spot than Sloans Lake.

LoHi Neighborhood

LoHi Trendy Denver Neighborhood

A contemporary and cosmopolitan neighborhood with lots of fun things to do packed into a comfortable area. From rooftops to speakeasies, LoHi is a very trendy neighborhood.


What was once just a residential area across the highway from downtown Denver, has developed into one of the trendiest parts of the city to live. It’s got a great scene for eating and drinking, but it’s a lot more quiet and peaceful that living in the heart of downtown. LoHi boasts some of the coolest restaurants and bars in Denver and everything is situated in close proximity so it’s a great place for walking or biking around.

RiNo Neighborhood

Trendy RiNo Denver

The only Denver neighborhood with it’s own logo, the RiNo neighborhood is a paradise for art and the next best thing.


River North is a part of the greater 5 Points neighborhood in Denver. Back in the day it was full of warehouses and factories because of it’s close proximity to the railroad tracks. Over the last decade the area has gone through a radical transformation to become a magnet for artists, hipsters, and craft beer enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the trendy place where there’s always something to do, RiNo is the place to be.

Uptown Neighborhood

Uptown Trendy Denver

From Restaurant Row to City Park, the Uptown area has a wealth of entertainment for nearly every type of person and it’s situated in a great corner of the city.


Just east of downtown, the uptown neighborhood had the tag of up and coming for a long time. Those days are far in the past as the time has come for this great neighborhood. It borders the buzz of downtown on one side and the nature of City Park on the other. It’s got a reputation for great patios and a eclectic mix of personalities. It’s a fun place to be whether your a singleton, have already coupled up, or even entered the family phase.

LoDo Neighborhood

Lodo Trendy Denver

Denver’s Oldest Neighborhood. This was the original trendiest place to live and for many it always will be.


  • Union Station: Historic Landmark Offering Great Bars and Restaurants
  • Larimer Square: Denver’s Most Iconic and Historic Block
  • Coors Field: Home to the Colorado Rockies with a Brewery Underneath

Denver has gone through some drastic changes over the years and the downtown area is now exception. The area continues to hold a historic charm with old world architecture combined with modern eateries, breweries, pubs, galleries, and virtually anything else you could want from a city. LoDo is the heart of downtown Denver’s entertainment scene and it’s a very trendy place to live, work, and play.