Distance Around Sloans Lake

Before embarking on a trip to your local park, it’s always good to plan ahead and ensure you’ve got the resources, stamina, and time to fully enjoy your outing. There’s nothing worse than being halfway into a two hour hike you thought was one hour and having to stick through until the end. With a little bit of forethought, some preparation, and knowledge of nearby park distances, you can ensure your next outing goes as smooth as clockwork.

Sloans Lake Size

Park Distance

Running along the perimeter of the lake is a running trail. This trail is approximately 2.5 miles long, meaning that the perimeter of the lake is the same distance. Unlike other lakes, this trail perfectly conforms to the lake. The twin lakes at Washington park are a good example- the trail there is 2.2 miles long, however this includes a stretch of land between the two lakes, meaning that each individual lake at Washington park is much smaller than Sloan’s.

The tale behind Sloan’s Lake is just as large as it’s physical space. Supposedly the lake was created after an old pioneer named Sloan tried to dig a well on his farm. He struck water, but it didn’t stop coming until the lake was formed.

Distance Around Sloan's Lake

Park Size

In fact, Sloan’s Lake is actually the second biggest urban park in the Denver area with an area of 177 acres. The largest urban park, City Park, may be larger than Sloan’s, but also caters to a different audience, with much park’s space being taken up by the Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature & Science.

While Sloan’s Lake and City Park may be the largest parks and lakes in the urban Denver area, they are still dwarfed by the nearby Cherry Creek state park. However since the state park is a wildlife preserve, the activities, rules, and environment is vastly different than that of an urban park. Those looking for an abundance of space as well as a well maintained park grounds with plenty of civilian accommodations will still find that Sloan’s Lake sits at the top.

With clean bathrooms, outdoor grills, picnic tables, and more, the grounds of Sloan’s Lake cater to a diverse group of visitors while providing convenience and comfort.

Distance Around Sloans Lake

Park Dimensions

Sloan’s Lake is a pretty standard square, with the lake filling in the space in the center of the park. This is optimal for activities such as fishing and paddle boarding. There is plenty of space surrounding the lake for those looking to play sports or wanting to hold a picnic, just be wary of the surrounding body of water.

The water to land ratio of Sloan’s Lake is the highest of all Denver parks, it is no wonder why it is named Sloan’s Lake instead of Sloan’s Park.

In comparison, Washington Park and City park are both narrow stretches of land- Washington Park being vertical and City park being horizontal. Both parks sport much more open land than Sloan’s Lake, however it must be noted that this comes with the trade off of their lakes being much smaller.