How Deep is Sloans Lake?

Sloan’s Lake, for those who may not know, is a lake located in Denver, Colorado. It is situated on the north-west side of the city, and the neighborhood around it has even taken its name, due to its history.

The history of Sloan’s Lake may be well known among some people, but for those who are hoping to visit the place for the first time, or are simply interested in the past of it, it is certainly interesting to dive into the facts that took place around this particular place and see how it has evolved over the years.

History Sloans Lake

Where Does Sloan’s Lake’s Name Come From?

The name of this lake was taken from the man who actually “created” it. The “creation” itself occurred quite unexpectedly, as it was entirely accidental.

It all started when back in the year 1861, a farmer called Thomas M. Sloan who used to work on the land on the outskirts of Denver, decided to dig a well. Little did he know, what he actually did was open a source for all the water that was stored naturally underground to overflow, creating a growing lake that he came across the following day, much to his surprise. The news of the overflowing well spread rather quickly among the city of Denver, and people all over the surrounding area came to watch that rare phenomenon. The name of Sloan’s Lake was already popularized around a decade later when he decided to sell his farm.

How Deep is Sloans Lake

The “Growth” of Sloan’s Lake

With the passing of the years, Sloan’s Lake became a place that lots of people would be interested to visit, not only for the lake itself, but for new places that were built around it.

  • By 1874, a brand new steamboat was made to be used in Sloan’s Lake, which was called “The City of Denver”. The steamboat was 40-foot long and could hold 100 passengers. Due its popularity, a nearby hotel decided to build a canal on the Northwest shore of Sloan’s Lake, to provide the service to guests who wanted to enjoy sailing on it.


  • Some years later, in 1881,an amusement park was opened on the northern side of the lake. It was called “Manhattan Beach.”


  • Down to the South area of the lake, the St. Anthony’s hospital was built in 1892. It was quite a far location for the residents in the city, that is why this hospital provided its services to the miners and railroad workers from nearby areas.


  • In 1947, the “Rocky Mountain News” claimed that the most important annual regatta event, the “Mile High Boat Assn. Regatta”, was held in Sloan’s Lake, which would attract around 50,000 people every time.


  • In relation with the St. Anthony’s hospital, a long time after it was built, in 1972, an emergency helicopter for civilians was introduced, called “Flight For Life St. Anthony”. By this time the hospital was way larger than when it started.


  • Not too long ago, in 2010, the “5280 Magazine” puts Sloan’s Lake as one of the most increasingly popular neighborhoods.

Depth of Sloans Lake

Characteristics of the Lake

So, how deep is Sloan’s Lake? After knowing about how it was created, some may wonder how much this lake ended up growing. It is said to be the largest and most active lake in Denver, which is nowadays composed by two connecting lakes (Sloan’s and Copper). They take up 177 acres.

According to Sloan’s Lake Boating office, the lake is quite shallow, with a maximum of 8 feet deep.

For those interested in doing some sailing or other activities inside of the lake, the boating office provides information and rules regarding the permitted activities and security measurements that need to be taken.