Neighborhood Feature: Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse

Certain things can be found everywhere and thus aren’t very distinctive- convenience stores, grocery stores, chain restaurants, and such things. What really makes a neighborhood stand out though are those locations which are unique to that area. It is those features which give personality, attitude, and a unique spin to their surroundings. The Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse

Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse

A Movie Theater by Sloans Lake

Film buffs will be very pleased to know that one of the many attractions of the Alamo Drafthouse at Sloans Lake is it’s theater. What allows the Alamo to distinguish itself from your average chain theatre however is that it also screens smaller arthouse films in addition to the big blockbusters. Those looking to be able to experience the latest indie darling film projects on the big screen will be able to here at the Alamo Drafthouse.

What’s more is that in addition to smaller films, the Alamo Drafthouse also airs older classic movies as well. Usually these re-screenings of older films are accompanied by watching parties. Since the Drafthouse is also a restaurant and bar, these movie parties are accompanied by food, drink, and special themed events such as giveaways and contests.

Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake

Restaurant and Bar

The Alamo Drafthouse is nothing if not with personality. The restaurant and bar sports a menu which boasts a selection of fun movie-themed dishes and cocktails, such as the “Royale with Cheese” burger from Pulp Fiction. Aside from burgers many other fun comfort foods such as pizza and sandwiches can be found on the menu. Salads are also available for those looking for a slightly healthier alternative.

Hungry, but want to get straight to the movie? No problem! The drafthouse allows you to order before the show and your food and drink will be brought to you during the film. That kind of service is something unique which you won’t be able to find or replicate at any old theater. When it comes to beer, over thirty different brands can be found on tap.

Alamo Theater Sloans Lake

Distance and Proximity

One of the best parts about the Alamo Drafthouse is it’s distance from the apartments at X@Sloan’s. Only a short approximately ten minute walk away, the Alamo Drafthouse is as accessible as it is entertaining. The Drafthouse is also only ten minutes walking distance from Sloan’s Lake itself. This means that it is not unreasonable nor unimaginable that one can enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the park and spend the evening with a drink and a movie all in the same day without spending money on gas.

For those interested in seeing a movie but eating at a different location, there are also a number of a different restaurants literally right next to the Drafthouse. One such restaurant is Tap & Burger, another favorite of Sloan’s Lake natives.

All in all, the Alamo Drafthouse is a shining example of one of the unique aspects of the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood which makes it a fantastic place to visit and live.