Sloans Lake is an area of Denver that has recently shifted from being overlooked to being known as an up-and-coming neighborhood. There are a lot of reasons for it, but it helps that it’s in a good location, has plenty to do, and has an excellent park to hang out it.

Here’s a handy guide of things to do in the neighborhood, and how to enjoy the Sloans Lake lifestyle!

Sloans Lake Park

Sloans Lake Lifestyle

The second largest park in Denver is the anchor of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is named for the park, and the park is named for the big body of water inside it. Sloans Lake magically appeared in the mid-1800s as a homesteader, Thomas Sloan, managed to dig a little bit too deep. It wasn’t what Sloan was hoping for, but it’s brought happiness to plenty of Denverites since then.

The 177-acre park is a great asset to the neighborhood, and there are plenty of ways to pass the time in it.

Boating on the Lake

Boating Sloans Lake

A rare chance for time on the water in the Mile High City.

Colorado isn’t known for its water, but the mountains are magnificent enough that no one minds. However, boating is allowed on Sloans Lake, so there are some chances to splash around in motorized or non-motorized boats. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have a permit.

Exercise Outdoors

Sloans Lake Trail

The park gives plenty of opportunities to get in shape while looking at the city skyline.

Residents of Sloans Lake don’t need to join a gym to get some exercise, they can just head to the park! There are over two-and-a-half miles of paved trails throughout the grass, and they’re great for biking, walking, or running. Not only will you have views of the lake, but also the mountains and downtown Denver. Plus, the Colorado weather means you’ll be able to head there year round.

You also have access to a basketball court, sports field, baseball field, and tennis courts.

Unfortunately, there’s no swimming in the lake, sorry.


Sloans Lake Breweries

Denver is a city of breweries, and Sloans Lake is no exception.

Hogshead Brewery: This brewery specializes in English ales, and they take great pride in making sure that there’s a comfortable environment where everyone – including kids and dogs – feel welcome.

JoyRide Brewery: This brewery really lives up to the spirit of the neighborhood by offering views of the lake. It’s an exciting spot that’s usually overflowing at happy hour.

Seedstock brewery: You’ll find a great vibe at this brewery, and they used well-tested recipes from the Old World to mix European brews with American ingredients and taste buds.

Coffee Shops

Sloans Lake Coffee Shops

If caffeine is your thing, you also won’t be disappointed in this neighborhood.

Coda Coffee: This coffee shop sits at the corner of the lake, and they serve strong, reasonably priced coffee.

SloHi Coffee Co: This place serves double duty as a coffee shop and a bike shop. All of their coffee is locally roasted, and they even have some great cold brews to chill yourself in the summer.

2914 Coffee: This one’s a little bit to the east, but it’s a nice family-owned coffee shop with options for raw and vegan munchies. And the name comes off of a series of “coincidences” that makes it a magical number for the owners – ask them about it!


Sloans Lake Restaurants

All the exercise around Sloans Lake will work up an appetite, but there are some great places to satisfy your hunger.

Alamo Drafthouse: This popular movie theater has a new location in Sloans Lake, but it’s much more than a chance to just watch a film. They have great beer, quality dinner, and the chance to have a whole experience under one roof.

Tap and Burger Sloans Lake: This place is loaded with TVs, so it’s the perfect spot to hang out and watch sports. They have a wide selection of burgers – even a paleo option!

Rupert’s at the edge: This is the spot to go for bottomless mimosas, eggs benedict, and an overall great brunch. The cherry on top is the view of the lake from the outside seating.

Thailicious Creative Thai Eatery: Quality Thai food, a fun name, and a lake view add up to make a great place for dinner.

GB Fish and Chips: Taste a little bit of England without having to leave Denver. Not only do they have awesome crispy fish, but also other specialties from across the Pond, such as shepherd’s pie.

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragonboat Festival Sloans Lake

Sloans Lake is home to one of the most unique events in Denver.

This isn’t an everyday activity, but the two-day Dragon Boat Festival is held on the lake every year. Not only are there usually more than 50 teams racing colorful dragon boats across the water, but there are performances, food stands, an Asian marketplace, and more.

Just Relax

Relax Sloans Lake

The park is a great place to be active, but it’s just as nice for relaxing.

Sloans Lake Park provides picnic tables to eat at, and plenty of space to spread out in the grass. Your dog is allowed to come to the park with you, but the pooch has to remain on the leash. There are restrooms with water fountains, and two playgrounds to entertain the youngest generation.

Wildlife Watching

Sloans Lake Wildlife

No need to go to the mountains to see the animals.

One of the reasons to live in Colorado is the connection with nature, but the crowded city limits most connection with wildlife. Fortunately, there are plenty of bird species that love being around the water throughout the year, and you can sometimes spot other creatures, such as foxes, going about their business.