About Sloans Lake

The best way to describe the Sloans Lake neighborhood in a nutshell is to say that it has a residential feeling, close to nature, but it’s in such close proximity to downtown that you still have all the conveniences that go along with living in a central location. The area has gone through some major revitalizing in recent years, and now it’s becoming one of the most popular and trendy areas of the city.

A lot of people enjoy living here because it’s proof that you don’t simply have to choose between the suburbs and city streets. Plus, there are many options for getting around the city, and there’s an amazing park to hang out in and get your nature fix.

Sloans Lake Neighborhood Denver

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Sloans Lake Park

    177 acre park with a large lake in the center that is a popular place for boating activities.

  • Sport Activities

    From basketball and tennis courts, to soccer and baseball fields, to running and biking trails, if you want to be active, this neighborhood has everything you need.

  • Entertainment

    From breweries, to restaurants, to shopping, to a drafthouse theater, there’s no shortage of great entertainments options in the area.

  • Proximity to Downtown

    Sitting just west of Downtown this peaceful and residential neighborhood is minutes from downtown, but far away to avoid the noise and congestion of the city.

Neighborhood Location

The Sloans Lake neighborhood sits just west of the downtown section of Denver, and it’s often described as the area behind Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The park takes up a big chunk of the area, and the east and west borders are the larger streets of Sheridan Blvd and Federal Blvd. There are some disagreements about the definition of the north and south borders, but it’s safe to say that it doesn’t go past Colfax Ave to the south. The also growing Highlands neighborhood is to the north, so the two slowly blend together.

X at Sloans Lake Denver Apartments
Denver Sloans Lake

Sloans Lake Park

The name of the neighborhood comes from the park, and the name of the park comes from the central water feature it has. Sloans Lake (the actual lake) is the biggest body of water in Denver, and it fits in well because the park around it is the second largest in the city. The outdoor area is a great place to go running, biking, and to do lots of other types of exercise. For the days when you’re more in the mood to chill out, it’s the perfect spot to sunbathe under Denver’s sunny skies, or spread out a blanket and have a picnic with your friends.

Another amazing aspect that the park and the neighborhood share is the view. The location means that you have the beautiful sight of the mountains if you look one way, or you can turn around and see the city lights of downtown Denver.

Getting Around Denver

Being centrally located is much more than just views, however, but it also makes your commute a lot easier. Sloans Lake is very close to I-25, so it doesn’t take long to get the car on the road and head to faraway places. Also, it’s not far to hop up to I-70, so those days of adventure in the mountains are that much easier. Plus, with the major streets like Sheridan, Federal, and Colfax all nearby, it’s a breeze to drive around within the city.

If you feel like commuting without your car, you have options for that, too. There are some Light Rail stops nearby, so you can take advantage of the public transit system. Also, it’s a short cab ride to LoDo, so you won’t have to worry about parking or other expenses when you head into the middle of everything.

To be more health conscious, you can easily get around on two wheels. There are a lot of nice bike paths, and the distances to worthwhile places are very manageable.

Sloans Lake Park
Hogshead Brewery Sloans Lake

Enjoying the Area

There are a lot of cool restaurants and bars in and around the Sloans Lake area, and there seem to be more opening every day. Plus, the Highlands neighborhood is also one of the really hip parts of Denver, and it’s right next door, so an it’s easy trek to get over there and enjoy all that neighborhood has to offer.

The Sloans Lake neighborhood is a great place to live, so you should make sure that you have a nice home. If you live in a nice spot like X at Sloans, the luxury living, rooftop views, and other amenities will really boost your happiness.